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Tomorrow is National Compliment Day

Tomorrow is National Compliment Day 0

Tomorrow is National Compliment Day, and the day serves as a reminder of the power of positive words. When you give someone a compliment, you express appreciation for something that’s unique about them or something they did. Compliments can create a more positive work culture, improve relationships, and make your organization more successful. 

Compliments at work are not just about making us feel good, but it’s also about company performance. Employees function better when their positive efforts are noticed and valued.

The truth is negative comments are much more prevalent in our world today, and they’re more powerful, too. Psychologists have found that it takes 10 positive comments to offset one negative comment. That means you’re going to need a lot of compliments in your workplace! 

Make it a priority today to give five compliments to the people around you: 


Take time out today to compliment each of your family members. Let your sister know she has great hair. Tell your brother he did a great job. Tell your cousins they are awesome. If you can’t see them in person, pull out your cell phone and text them or leave them a message on their Facebook profile.


Call or text your best friend and remind them why you love them. Leave a compliment on your friends’ Facebook profile picture.


They probably deserve compliments from you the most! Remind them that they are doing a great job.  They simplest compliment makes a huge difference.


This one may be a bit harder, but you never know what kind of day others are having. A simple “cool shirt” may turn someone’s day completely around. Compliment the clerk in the grocery store. The teenager pumping gas. The cute little old lady having lunch at your favorite restaurant.


Trust me, you need it. You’re fabulous, you’re special and you deserve your own compliments. Instead of critiquing yourself in the mirror, tell yourself that you’re hot (even if your hair is up in a messy bun and your eyeliner is fading).

Five easy ways to give a compliment:

1.  Send a Beautygram - log onto the website www.beautygram.com and have a special little box delivered to them. It’s nice to receive routine gifts, like the ones we get for birthdays, but even more special than those are the gifts we give out of the blue, simply because something reminded another person of you.

2.  Verbal Praise. Giving a compliment in person is a powerful way to make someone feel appreciated. Stop by your coworker’s desk and be specific with your compliment. You can even emphasize your appreciation with a high five, fist bump, or handshake. 

3. Send a text or social media post - just a quick post on their Facebook page, comment on a photo or a text on their phone

4.  Leave a note for them to find - Leave a note in your husbands car about how much you love him, or leave a note on your kids mirror to tell them how proud you are of them.  Little notes left in a place where you know they will be will put a smile on their faces.

5.  Do a simple task to help out - if you see something that needs to be done either around the house or around the workplace that usually you don't do, do the task and leave a note saying "Just wanted to thank you for always taking care of this, so today I did it for you!"

Try these out tomorrow and see how many people's faces you can put a smile on!



  • Lindsay Burton
Beautygram has a New Owner

Beautygram has a New Owner 1

Good Morning Everyone!

I wanted to introduce myself as the new owner of Beautygram.  My name is Lindsay Burton.

I purchased the assets of BeautyGram from Carrie Paxson on September 30, 2018 and have been updating everything until now.  I am so excited to launch a new website and new products.   I am new to the beauty business, but no stranger to BeautyGram.  I was introduced to the brand many years ago, but met up with Carrie this last April and started working filling the orders and delivering them for Beautygram.  I have always been in love with this concept for giving, both personally and at a corporate level.  I am also passionate about Ecommerce and technology and am the founder of Lavassentials.com.  

If you are a previous client of Beautygrams, I cannot wait to meet you and build a great relationship.  If you are new to Beautygram, well welcome!  These are exciting times for all of us.

Please look around the new site and take a peak at the new products and fun items.  

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at info@beautygram.com  I look forward to helping you show the people in your life that they are appreciated.

  • Lindsay Burton
How to Spoil Mom this Mother's Day

How to Spoil Mom this Mother's Day 0

Mother’s Day is on May 13th. Have you started planning the day for her? What gift will you be giving your mother, your partner, your mother-in-law? Mother’s Day is the perfect time to let mom know how special and valued she is. Here’s how to spoil mom this Mother’s Day with kind gestures and thoughtful gifts.

Feed her

Mom shouldn’t have to make a meal on Mother’s Day (or clean it up) but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to indulge in some tasty bites. Find her favourite bakery treat, take her out to her favourite brunch spot, or encourage the kids to help make breakfast in bed (just don’t arrange for the delivery to be too early!)

Let her sleep

If you ask a lot of moms, many with young children especially, will ask for time to sleep in on Mother’s Day. The extra sleep will help her feel rejuvenated as you make plans for the rest of the day. As a bonus, have a system in place where she can text you when she’s awake and someone can bring her coffee (and maybe even breakfast) in bed. Ah, bliss!

Pamper her

From a day at the spa to spa products at home, having time to herself with her favourite book in a bubble bath or sipping on a hot tea while enjoying a pedicure is sure to be welcomed gift. If you want to send her to her favourite spa for the day, you’ll have to book the appointment well in advance. If the spa isn’t open on Mother’s Day, gift her a gift certificate. Of course, you don’t need to send her out of the house to pamper her. Give her products to help her indulge in some spa time at home with one of our BeautyGrams. You can customize the BeautyGram gift and add her favourite lotions and soaps into the box, or select from one of our existing products like Pretty Feet or the Mini Bath BeautyGram for a relaxing bath time experience.

If you are buying a Mother’s Day gift for a new mom we also have just the right BeautyGram for her. The Momma After Birthy BeautyGram was made with the special new mom in mind and is filled with items to soothe and comfort her in those early days of motherhood.

Happy Mother’s Day!


  • Carrie Paxson
Gifts for Administrative Professionals’ Day

Gifts for Administrative Professionals’ Day 0

Celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day on April 25 by saying ‘thank you’ with a BeautyGram!

For many years, BeautyGram has been proud to put together customized gifts for offices, staff and workers across the country and in Calgary in recognition of their hard work and dedication to so many causes.

We have thoughtful BeautyGram gift boxes ready to go or you can create your own BeautyGram and customize the gift completely.

April 25 is the perfect time to say thanks to those who help build and run your business and office environment.

Here are three BeautyGram options for your Administrative Professionals’ Day gifts that everyone will love:

Chocolate Gift Box

We have a variety of chocolate gift box sizes to choose from on our website, but the Medium Chocolate Gift box strikes the perfect note of appreciation. Included are some signature Froggers Chocolate treats: One box of sesame snaps (6 medium size), one BeautyGram Signature milk chocolate dipped Oreo, one box of 10 chocolate covered soft jube jubes and one box of 10 chocolate covered vanilla caramels. This gift is one they don’t have to share with the entire office.

The Coffee and Tea Corporate Gift Box

 Work deadlines can be hectic and on busy days it can be near impossible to stop for a coffee break or take a few moments to drink a hot cup of tea before moving on to the next task.  Why not help encourage those moments with our Coffee and Tea Corporate Gift box. This gift has local ground coffee, three mini boxes of tea and a Froggers Chocolate treat.

The Everyday Beautygram

Filled with products from Canadian (and local) suppliers, this is simple luxury at it’s finest. Included in this BeautyGram is a moisturizing hand lotion from Barefoot Venus, soap from Urban Forest, Tea Life tea with a tea infuser, a Lucia soy candle and Froggers chocolate. No matter how stressful the workday was, this gift will ensure some time for calm and relaxation when the day is done.

Recognizing the important people in your business and office on April 25 for Administrative Professionals’ Day doesn’t have to be complicated. We can help. Order online or contact us for more information about having your BeautyGram delivered.




  • Carrie Paxson