Who are the Boss Ladies in your life?

Who are the Boss Ladies in your life?

I was doing some tweaks to the Boss Lady BeautyGram on my online store, and it got me thinking of the ladies who have been influential in my career over the years. And truly, there have been a few magnificent ladies over this 25 year period of time that truly hold this title (and a few of them didn't make the list at all).

For me to drone on about people you don't know probably isn't an interesting read, but what I would love to share with you is why they were influential to me.  To this day, I carry forward some of the lessons from this women.  

The Maureen's - Patience and Mentorship

I had two managers at two different companies, and both of them were named Maureen. Both of them at the time were middle managers and I worked for Maureen #1 when I was 25 and under.  Maureen #2, I worked for in my late twenties.  Even though they were two very influential ladies to me, what made them even that much more incredible was their support when I was very young in my career, and learning all those valuable lessons when we are in that powerful time when you are really seeing how much you can do and take on.  With the right mentor, you can soar!  With a person who does't mentor, it can set you up for failure.  I was fortunate that both Maureen's believed in me, encouraged me, gave me lots of projects that stretched me, and in essence, they stacked my resume over those 10 years that prepared me for bigger career challenges in my 30s.

Maggie - Mutual Respect

What is it with me, and M names?  Maggie was another powerhouse, like the Maureen's.  I hate to even say this, but before I started working with her, I was warned that she was a tough cookie, so I was a little nervous.  She is a tough cookie, but she is tough when she has to be.  The short story, is that she knew her stuff, and I did everything she told me like an eager soldier.  Not because I was scared, but because I was totally inspired. She delegated to me, promoted me, and had my back when the shit hit the fan.  There was nothing to be afraid of.  I appreciated her and I felt like she appreciated me back. Win. Win.  Funny how that works, eh?

Felicia - Master of Hard and Soft Skills

Wow!  What a go getter this woman is!  She was a young woman in her mid 30s, had multiple degrees in IT, and also had the soft skills for training and management. She could do any role that anyone junior, or senior to her could do, so no one could pull the wool over her eyes when she was gathering requirements for a project.  She knew the methodology, and had the technical background to know exactly what needed to be done next.  She was fiercely loyal to her team and was capable of not only running the team, but jumping into any role when there were gaps or we needed help.  Amazing lady!  

Devony - Master Leadership

Sometimes things just don't go the way we expect. That completely explains my time working with Devony.  She is an amazing leader, personable friendly, smart, fair and transparent.  We have worked together on a few projects and one in particular was a real grind.  Unrealistic deadlines, limited access to what we needed to reach the deadlines, and among the chaos, human error (mine) just with juggling demands, and there were a few times I was looking left, when I should have been looking right.  Devony was able to navigate the political waters, get things moving in the right direction and get things on track in a way that I have never seen.  She is a master at being clear, firm and she is tough when she needs to be, but she does it in a way that nobody feels terrible at the end of it.

Who are the boss ladies in your life?  What did you learn?  What do you admire?

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