In honor of Administrative Assistants Week ~ a walk down memory lane with Carrie Paxson

by Carrie Paxson April 25, 2016

In honor of Administrative Assistants Week ~ a walk down memory lane with Carrie Paxson

A little walk down memory lane, in honor of Administrative Assistant Day.  

My career started in 1998 at Alberta Treasury Branches, where I quickly became what was called a "secretary 1" which in essence was a receptionist, and the delegation point for Secretary 2 - 5's.  It was my first office job at 19, and I was so, SO green, that I remember pointing to a grey box by my desk and asking Viv, my boss, "what is that?" and she told me, patiently.  That is a printer.  Shortly I was sent on a WordPerfect 5.1 course and I knew I found my passion.  I thought it was WordPerfect, but what was soon revealed... is that it was software.  Learning and operating new software came easy to me and I quickly became the office expert on any computer program I was given.  I worked my way quickly up the ranks of Secretary 1, 2, 3 and 4.

In 1995 I left Alberta Treasury Branches and went to the Calgary Sun where I worked in various positions over my time there.  I launched my own business, Offsite Secretarial Services while also working for the Calgary Sun.

Long gone is the title of secretary, which is a title I wore as a badge of honor in 1998.  I was good at my job, passionate about it.  Truthfully, I had very few bad days at that time in my career.  I always had amazing bosses, supportive colleagues and more work than I could handle (which is a happy place for me).  I felt appreciated, valued and recognized. 

My love of software prevailed and in 1998 I was offered a job as a software trainer at Newspaper Technologies Inc. However, I never really ever transitioned out of Admin Work. When you have that skill set and love that kind of work, you are always in it.  Always.  

Don't forget to appreciate your Administrative Assistant all year around, and honor her on April 27th!  She is busting her backside for you, and likely loving every minute of it, just like I did.

Carrie Paxson, BeautyGram

Carrie Paxson
Carrie Paxson


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