Urban Forest Soap Company and BeautyGram in kahoots!

by Carrie Paxson May 18, 2016

Urban Forest Soap Company and BeautyGram in kahoots!

We are pleased to announce a new vendor to our BeautyGram gift boxes - Urban Forest Soap Company.  I am excited to tell you about these incredible entpreneurs and also shed some insight on why they are now "in the box".

Three things that we really love at BeautyGram are:  Canadian entrepreneurs, clever and unique high quality products, and companies with a strong social message.

Urban Forest Soap Company rank high on all three.  Let me share with you their awesomeness and you will see why we fell in love their brand.

Their products for starters are Earth, Animal & Skin Friendly which we love. They have also (in their own words) "superfatted their soaps.  They use the highest quality natural ingredients, and then added extra emolliating oils that makes them super rich and extremely gentle at the same time.  They have also steered clear of synthetic scents, colorants and preservatives. 

And no animal testing - except for the humans themselves that make the soaps of course. They are their own testers. 

So why did BeautyGram choose their products?  Aside of their awesome social message, they had a few unique products that I thought would be fun for some of our packages.  

Basic Survival Soap

I love unique products that do more than one thing or that have unique applications.  Some of the products that got me excited are a three in one soap bar, that can be used as a soap, shampoo and laundry detergent.  This one I thought would be a perfect addition to an outdoors package.  When camping, trekking or backpacking, this unique product will be perfect to take on the road when you need to carry it all in your back pack.

Solid Shampoo

What a unique idea!  Again, a neat travel package, these soap bars are actually shampoos and are available for both regular and oily hair.  They also double as a body cleanser.  Clever! A nice scent and all natural!

We will keep you posted on social media on some of their unique products, as we are currently building out the packages.  However, in the meantime, enjoy discovering Urban Forest Soap Company's facebook page and their out their five star reviews!



Carrie Paxson
Carrie Paxson


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