Wedding hair: Veils, combs and fascinators: What to choose?

by June 27, 2012

When I got married I decided not to wear a veil.  At the time, it was a surprising decision for some.  Most people I knew wore a veil.  But for whatever reason, I didn't feel it was for me. I did, however, want something special for my hair.  I was having an updo and a special-something was needed to stand out.  I ended up with a custom made, small tiara.  It was modelled to look like leaves and grapes (we were married at a vineyard) and it was perfect. Since then (that was over 8 years ago!), I've noticed the trends for wedding hair bling are changing.  I definitely see different options beyond a traditional veil or tiara. Everything looks so beautiful! However, selecting the right head piece or accessory still comes down to personal choice and style. Here are some options: The Fascinator Perhaps it was the Royal Wedding so many of us watched last year that prompted the fasinator as being a stylish option, but just last week when I was at the hair dresser a bride had one ready to go in her hair.  This particular one had a mini veil attached.  It was stunning.  But not all fascinator options have to have the veil.  Feathers, jewels and beads seem to be popular options.

Source: via Casey on Pinterest

  The Headband My sister almost went with a headband and it was a really pretty option.  Some of them remind me of 1920's fashion.  They are simple and pretty.  I like this one with long, flowing hair. image source: TruLuCouture Etsy Shop The Comb This is such a versatile piece - it can be worn with an updo, a side sweep and many other hair styles, a comb is pretty and full of bling.

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

  Did you wear anything in your hair on your wedding day? What would you like to wear?


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