Fashion Friday: Yay or Nay? Nautical Stripes


Even though the orange fashion trend may be a bit of hit and miss for me, this one is a complete hit in my books.  I love the classic look of nautical stripes.  I see them commonly in white and blue with some red thrown in here and there, it reminds me of wanting to be on a boat (yacht?) on a breezy summer day. I may like it because navy is a favourite of mine to wear (the clothing in my closet is evidence of this) but whatever the case, it's a complete knock out of the park for me.  These shoes are causing me to have feelings. What do you think?  Hit or Miss with the nautical stripes?

Source: joefresh.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: landsend.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: jcrew.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

Dress: Joe Fresh, Shoes: Lands' End, Bag: J. Crew

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  • Barrysentials, The He Said She Said Wine blog
    Barrysentials, The He Said She Said Wine blog

    Oh! didn’t see the bag until my 2nd look. Shoes AND bag, def. But the dress - not so sure. :)) nice post!

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