Products We Love: Beautea Soy Candles

by August 26, 2012

  Do you use candles? I love the smell of a soft scented candle in the house.  I really like it when having a hot bubble bath and wanting to relax. The Beautea Organic Soy Candles can be found in different BeautyGram gifts including the Signature and the Be Well.  Soy candles offer a more eco friendly way to burn candles and add a lovely aroma to your house. I personally love the smell and these small, beautifully packaged candles pack 40 hours of burning time into their compact glass holders. Try the Beautea Soy Candles in one of the BeautyGram packages and see for yourself why it's a product loved by the BeautyGram's team! How often do you burn candles? Where are you favourite places to put them?


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