What is BeautyGram? More about the Company, and Founder


Some of you may already know that BeautyGram was basically birthed along the same time as my daughter Malia. Sometimes, even I think I had twins.. It’s been crazy times nurturing a business along with raising a baby. But a whole lot of inspiration by travelling and people watching has kept my creative juices flowing and each BeautyGram is a representation of a time in my life.  Why I created BeautyGram and what I think is important to the female planet. Have you ever looked on the BeautyGram website and wondered why there are different BeautyGram packages with names like the BRIDEZILLA or PRETTY MAMA? WORKING GIRL or even BABY? I believe everything in life has a story, and these “packages” are created with passion from my own personal experiences. Owner Jennifer started BeautyGram after the birth of her daughter. Now she finds joy in motherhood and running a business!   I thought it would be a great post to break down each gift box and let you get a closer look into what I’m about and understand our products. BeautyGram Gift Boxes: Something for everyone The BABY BeautyGram was lovingly made due to having my little chicken and the products I loved using while she was growing. It warms my heart every time I create a BABY BG. PRETTY MAMA came from a place of feeling and seeing for the first time that I had NO time for just me anymore. I was that beauty junkie who spent hours trying new looks and products and those days seemed over! As a new mother, I felt overwhelmed, exhausted and not so pretty. This package was to help save time while feeling naturally good and refreshed. Then the BRIDEZILLA was an extension of all the stressed out brides that I dealt with and lent an ear to over the years as a make up artist. I got to trial and error with many colours and products and knew this gift box has to be lighthearted. The SIGNATURE was my original BeautyGram and the whole idea behind the BeautyGram. I adore this package because it came from a place of compassion, sincerity and the simple idea of making someone’s day. This is the perfect gift just because or to show your appreciation.  WORKING GIRL was a package designed for all the hardcore working-women nowadays that do it all. They need calming and rejuvenation to put their vibes back to good.  BLO BeautyGram is my fun and sassy addition. There is a “cosmo girl” in every woman and this little box brings out that sparkle. Blo is the perfect place to go and get glamorous. These will not be the only experiences I can offer. Life is forever evolving and so will the BeautyGram. Everyone has their own sense of style To give you a little insider scoop, my next chapter of BeautyGrams will be an “XO’’ gift box for the 365 romantic in you and the “BeauGram” for the metro male who needs a little pampering too. Which BeautyGram do you think you most need or would love to send to someone special?   Have a beautiful day!   Jenn

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