If You Could Only Pack One Make Up Item....


Let's pretend you are going away on a trip, or getting stranded on an island, or lost in the woods (well, maybe that one won't work as well in this scenario) - but let's pretend that you were going away for a bit and this issue came up: You can only take one piece of make up, one item of beauty with you.   What do you bring?   How many items of make up do you wear on a daily basis now?  Do you think you could drop that number drastically to just one? And if so, what would it be? Jane Iredale Lip Gloss, found in 'Build a BeautyGram' I am torn between two items.  Either lip gloss or my face cream.  Because frankly, both are extremely crucial in my make up routine.  I feel I need both and they are the only two items I typically wear daily.  My face cream has an SPF in it, so that would be beneficial if I was on an island right? So what would you pick?  

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  • Amanda

    hmmmm…I am with Kat’s comment above with facial cleanser. I cannot start my day without it in the shower! I loooove my mascara but if I could only have one item it would probably be my bronzer palette. It has a pinky shade in there I could use as eyeshadow, blush and wet somehow for lip gloss/lip stick ;)

  • Rebecca

    I think lip balm would be the way to go too. Although I could use the face cream as lip balm in serious emergencies…

  • Kat

    Aside from face cleanser right? Lip balm – it’s hot on an isand.

  • Rebecca

    oooh that is a good one too!

  • Leigh

    Without a doubt, I’d have to take undereye concealer!.

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