BeautyGram in LA: Check out the pictures with the Stars! Plus, another chance to win!

Read through to the end of the post to find out how you can win an exclusive GLAM BeautyGram that was featured in LA! This past week, BeautyGram founder Jennifer Ruparell took off for Los Angeles after being invited to the Emmy Awards gift lounge.  BeautyGram products were featured in the warmth of LA and celebrities were able to check out just what all the new gift-giving buzz is about. It sounds like it was an amazing experience as Jennifer writes:
There truly is something to be said about Hollywood. It reminds me of a Dr. Seuss book that sucks you in with all the colourful characters, the over the top glamour and yet the cool California vibe that's so attractive.
BeautyGram was really honoured to be here in LA at one of the coveted gifting suites and experience some of that attractiveness first hand. Our pink boxes have been well received and it's been great bringing smiles to the faces of some of the celebs.
Not having dressed the part of the red carpet standards, we decided to stay true to our brand and rock our pink dresses. Thankfully that has been a great way to spark conversation and have fun with everyone that we met. BeautyGram is about making people feel good and we hope that we accomplished just that. Next time we are bringing the pink Smart Car to the Oscars in February.
Jennifer Ruparell, BeautyGram President
Check out some of the pictures with celebrities!
The Bachelor Pad!
Jesse Williams - Grey's Anatomy
Mayim Bialik - The Big Bang Theory
Jennifer and the BeautyGram team are still feeling all of the love from LA, so she is offering another great giveaway!
To Enter:
Comment below and nominate someone who is deserving of receiving a GLAM BeautyGram.  Your sister? Friend? Co-Worker? Do they have inner beauty? Are they your go-to fashionista helper?  What makes them beautiful?
You AND the person you nominate have a chance to BOTH win a GLAM BeautyGram!
details: giveaway is open to Canadian residents, excluding Quebec.  1 prize that includes 2 BeautyGrams will be chosen at random from eligible entries.   Contest closes Thursday,  September 27th at 11 pm EST, 9 pm MST.  

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  • Rebecca Stanisic
Comments 17
  • Chantelle Pinder
    Chantelle Pinder

    I’d love to nominate my Mom. She’s living in ‘Small Town’ Saskatchewan and really could use a pampered break!

  • Michelle Wells
    Michelle Wells

    Thank you so so much Jennifer. My sister is going to be beside herself with joy. She never takes time for herself and spends very little on herself so she is going to absolutely LOVE this. :) I just wish I could see her face when she opens it. It makes me smile just to think about it.

  • Cathy C
    Cathy C

    I would nominate my sister who works so hard and still tries to be all things to all people. She is generous an loving and always supportive and helpful, but never asks for anything in return. To put it simply she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. What a special thing for her to receive this special surprise that says someone who loves her was thinking about her. Please pick my lovely sister.

  • Cathy C
    Cathy C

    I had bookmarked this last week and got so busy I forgot. I see now that I missed the deadline. Too bad would have loved to win this for my sister. Good luck to all those who entered on time and what a lovely idea and contest.

  • Jennifer

    Hi Michelle,

    Congrats! You have won the Glam BeautyGrams. One for you and one for your sister. That was so nice of you to nominate her and all that she does for her family. We would love to get them out to you and her.
    Please send me both addresses along with a small message for your sister.
    We would love your feedback on the BeautyGram.

    Thank you for participating and have a beautiful day!


  • Tanya Hartz
    Tanya Hartz

    I would love to nominate my amazing sister, Angela.

    She has had so many life-altering moments this past couple of years – from losing our mother to cancer, and with her own chronic illness to tackle, plus trying to be a fantastic wife, sister and aunt- she’s had a lot on her plate and would so greatly benefit from a Beauty Gram. It’s nice to let the people in our lives who are near and dear to us feel special. Thank you for your consideration! <3

  • Kimberly

    I would like to nominate by Best Friend in the whole wide world… My Mom. My mom has such a loving and caring spirit about her that carries over into her everyday life. To this day she gives herself 110% to her family, friends, and various functions she volunteers with! My mom is always available with a smile on her face! The values she has instilled in us growing up, I can only hope I do as good of a job with my 3 children! I Love You and I Thank You Mom and if anyone deserves a surprise BeautyGram it’s my Best Friend, my mom, Susan! <3

  • Ellen

    Have to nominate my work bestie. She’s been having a rough week and was out sick today. She could definitely use a pick-me-up

  • Ellen Bandelow-Chung
    Ellen Bandelow-Chung

    Defnitely have to nominate my work bestie, Jee. She’s been having a rough work week and was out sick today. She could use a pick-me-up!

  • Insane Mamacita
    Insane Mamacita

    I would give it to my step-mom. She has been incredible with us over the past few years. Welcomed us with open arms and raised a son basically alone who was diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 18 months. And he had a few recuurances throughout his life. Thankfully, he is Cancer free right now! All because of her dedication to getting him well.

  • C. Dow
    C. Dow

    I nominate my sister! She has been going through a nasty divorce & custody battle for 2 years now and would really benefit from some pampering, “me” time. I don’t know how she has managed to deal with it all. She would never treat herself to something like this, she is the one having to pay for the divorce. The ex walked out and doesn’t work, but wants his share of everything.

  • Michelle W
    Michelle W

    A sister whom always gives and never takes.
    A mother of 5 children she teaches at home, with love.
    A harvestor of food she’s grown herself so that her family can be fed nothing but the best. Even in the uncertainty with her own health.
    A beautiful girl, beautiful woman, beautiful wife, beautiful mother… yet she doesn’t even know it.
    Definitely worth mentioning. I know no-one that would appreciate it more.

  • Tricia Mc Donald
    Tricia Mc Donald

    I would like to nominate one of my best friends and fellow entrepreneurs for a BeautyGram. Ava Czymoch is an amazing woman that runs her own business, works a full time job and is the mother of 2 children. She is going through a rough time right now and could use a pick me up from BeautyGram!

  • Laurie McGowan
    Laurie McGowan

    I would like to nominate my friend and co-worker Marlyss Long. She is a lovely friend and a very caring individual. She’s a wonderful mom and a rockstar in my work world. After she had a very difficult summer is no where near over, I would love for her to receive something beautiful to lift her spirits and brighten her day.

  • Aime Hutton
    Aime Hutton

    Who I would nominate for a Beauty Gram is a woman who is always giving to others, being of service to others. She is the Regional Business Development Director for the province of Alberta for eWomen Network Jo-Ann Vacing. She over see’s 7 chapters of eWomen Network in the province, and is always giving to others be it training/teaching, support to her Managing Directors, putting on provincial level multi-day events, and aiding in the recruiting of other members across Canada.
    Jo-Ann has was able to truly see me, and believe in me when I wasn’t able to believe in myself starting out in my own business. She is living the motto of eWomen Network of lift others as we climb, and give first share always. She is my champion. It would thrill me to no end to gift her this prize of a Beauty Gram to say thank YOU.

  • Miranda Russell
    Miranda Russell

    I will nominate my mom, doesn’t everyone think their mom is gorgeous, my mom shines inside & out but her kind and giving nature towards others often means her outside gets neglected, what better way to remind her that she deserves everything she gives out- back than a beauty gram! ;-)

  • Kim McDonald
    Kim McDonald

    I’d love to nominate my sister, she’s worked so hard for so long to get where she is today, although she dosent treat herself enough she has the most incredible fashion sense ( she’s officially the family stylist… We all call her when we need to look good) but she’s also got the biggest shoulders and warmest heart, she recently keep a bedside vigil as her best childhood friend fought a losing battle for her life and instead of feeling sorry for her lose she instead has stepped up to make sure her friends family and kids have everything they need. Winning this beauty gram would be an amazing thing for her to enjoy all for herself

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