Making your own beauty products - Is it for you?

by September 30, 2012

I have a friend who years ago used to make bath products.  Soaps, scrubs, oatmeal soaks and bath bombs were her speciality.  Every Christmas, she would give me with a basket of beautiful, home  made products that I could use (and that I loved). Pinterest is swarming with posts on how to make your own lip balm, face cream, bubble bath and more.  This one that I found  looks perfect for dry winter days and can be made with items that most of us likely already have in our pantries.  

Source: via Ann on Pinterest

    But do you want to make your own beauty products? While I think a scrub like this one I could do myself, when it comes to a good face cream or really great lip balm, I may leave that to the professionals. Balancing a few home made (and economical) products with some premium items may be the way many of us would prefer to go.  And don't forget, BeautyGram makes it easy for you to give these fabulous products for gifts, without having to fuss around in your kitchen! Do you make your own beauty products? What recipes would you like to try?


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