Did you notice the changes? Easier to discover BeautyGram package information

by October 17, 2012

BeautyGram has been hard at work shipping orders and securing gorgeous  new products for the BeautyGram gift packages. There has also been a lot of work behind the scenes right on this website. Did you notice the website changes?  There was a little bit of extra pampering happening on the 'Shop' section of the website to make it easier for you, the wonderful BeautyGram customer, to see exactly what your BeautyGram gift has inside. Now when you visit the Shop page, not only can you see the list of fabulous products that are included in the package: But when you select 'click to view what's inside' - you really will get to see exactly what's inside! It's just one of the ways that BeautyGram is trying to make your gift giving experience that much simpler and gratifying.  Free shipping is one of the other ways! Go ahead, browse around the shop and check out the beautiful new images.  Maybe it's time you add BeautyGram to your wish list too?  


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