Excited to Announce BeautyGram is Partnering With Wayspa!

by November 07, 2012

  BeautyGram is always looking for ways to make each BeautyGram special and unique for the recipient and now there is another way to customize your BeautyGram gift.  We are happy to announce a partnership with! With over 2000 spas and salons as part of Wayspa's network, a gift certificate added to a BeautyGram enhances any existing BeautyGram and saves your money.  The BeautyGram recipient can use the Wayspa gift certificate at one of the Wayspa spas or salons and who wouldn't love a little extra pampering? The Wayspa gift certificate can be added to any BeautyGram purchase! And the best part?  Thanks to this fantastic partnership, you get a discount on your gift certificate purchase.  Want to add on a $100 spa card for a special someone? The card will only cost you $90! You save, they receive and everyone is happy. Looking for a special way to say thank you or want to send a gift to someone special? The BeautyGram and Wayspa partnership is ready to make it easier for you. How would you spend a Wayspa gift certificate?  On a manicure? Massage? New hair style?   


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