The Ugly Christmas Sweater - If it's in style, is it still ugly?


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Have you been to an ugly Christmas sweater party? Or went hunting for a sweater with reindeer and snowmen crocheted on it just for fun? The ugly Christmas sweater has made a huge comeback it seems - suddenly, the one that you used to make fun of your mother for is being pulled out of storage to wear to a hip cocktail party. They are also making the pages of magazines and trending in stores.  This Elle Magazine piece features 8 Christmas sweaters with a tongue-in-cheek nod to the Bill Cosby sweaters of the 80s. So if some Christmas sweaters are ugly, but then many styles are appearing in fashion magazines, are they still ugly?  And I find some styles are actually cute! If we are all wearing them ironically and in good fun, is the joke on us?  The Christmas sweater comes out the big winner in this case (and so does anyone who has been wearing theirs with pride for years to your family Christmas gathering).  Also, I always wondered, what happens when you mention to someone 'oh wow, that IS an ugly Christmas sweater, good job pal!' and they simply say 'what do you mean ugly?' What do you think? Is the Christmas sweater a hit or a miss or all in good fun? Have you been to an ugly sweater party?

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