Adding Sparkle from Lips to Tips

by December 16, 2012

Silver, gold, shimmer and glisten.  These adjectives could be describing my Christmas tree right now, but they also could be used to describe trends in fashion right now. I love shimmer. This isn't to be confused with glitter, the parenting craft nightmare, but actual shimmer on clothing or make up.  It's one of those things for me that a light hand seems to be more effective.  Too much shimmery eye shadow, no matter how much I love it, ends poorly.  I like a tank top with some sequins, but I don't think I could pull off a beautiful sequin dress. One simple way to add shimmer and sparkle is with a simple beauty accessory like nail polish. The BeautyGram SantaGram 2012 edition features the luxurious Butter London Holiday Lips and Tips collection.  A nail polish and matching shimmer lip gloss.  It's a special way to stand out and add a little surprise to your holiday outfit without stepping out of your comfort zone too much.

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There's still time to order the SantaGram and ensure you have a beautiful Lips and Tips collection ready for you for the New Year's Eve party, plus other fabulous items in the gift.  And of course there isn't anything wrong with ordering a gift for yourself. Hoping someone special in your life will surprise you with a SantaGram? Feel free to email them the link.  Even Santa needs a little help once and a while, doesn't he? What do you think of the shimmer trend? Love it from head-to-toe, or just small bursts?


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