Beauty New Year's Resolutions

by December 31, 2012

  Are you making resolutions this year? Maybe personal ones about travel or experiences, or career resolutions? What about beauty resolutions? Have you considered how you have been treating your skin? Or maybe you want to be more in touch with the trends that are happening in the beauty world?  Whatever the case, here are a few ideas for your beauty resolutions: 1- Resolve to become an ingredient reader What do the ingredients on your beauty labels mean? Are certain ingredients better for your skin than others? What makes certain beauty products, like the ones that BeautyGram features in their gifts, so popular and special? The answer is often in the ingredients. 2- Resolve to enjoy your beauty routine Whether that means less make up, more make up, better smelling lotions or pretty sparkling colours, finding your own personal routine -whatever it may be - is important.  You don't want it to be a chore, and beauty comes in many different looks. 3- Resolve to treat your skin better For some of us this means drinking more water and eating better (have you ever noticed how these things affect our skin?).  For others it may mean hydrating our face with the right facial moisturizer or using hand cream more often to keep our hands and nails smooth (I am especially in need of doing this!).  Whatever the case, treat your skin well. Consider finding SPF lotions and gentle moisturizers to help. 4- Have fun with your beauty products Finding the right product for you is key.  Certain smells, feels and colours are better fits and each product should be chosen based on each individual person.  BeautyGram carries a variety of exciting, special and luxurious products that you can try.  Consider using the Build-A-BeautyGram function to create a '2013 Beauty Package' just for you. Experiment and find the right fits just for you! Do you have a beauty resolution? Plan on trying something new and bold this year, or are you scaling back your beauty routine? Whatever the case, BeautyGram wants to wish you a wonderful New Year!!!  Thank you for all of your support in 2012 and we look forward to all of the exciting and beautiful things that 2013 has to offer!    


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