A Day at the Spa (or maybe even an hour)


Now that the holidays are over, and the new year has arrived, I am committed to my 2013 beauty resolutions. One of them is to take better care of my skin. That means water, water, water and moisturizer. For me, it also means treating myself to a spa facial every so often. Have you had one? Aside from a massage, it's probably my most favourite thing to do at the spa ever.  Sure, beautiful pedicures are nice, but give me a facial any day. This Christmas, I was gifted with a Wayspa gift card, thanks to BeautyGram owner Jennifer.  Wayspa cards are available as an add-on to any BeautyGram, in various denominations.  The cards, and BeautyGrams, can be shipped across Canada and make the perfect wedding shower gift, birthday present or Valentine's Day surprise.    I've already searched out the local ones in this area where I can go and am pretty sure I know where I'll book. And I will definitely be looking at getting a facial. I'm not sure when I'll go, but hopefully soon (why is it so difficult just to make the appointment?). Yes, it's indulgent, but don't we all deserve a little break? If you could pick any treatment at the spa, what would it be?

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  • Jennifer Ruparell
    Jennifer Ruparell


  • Jennifer Ruparell
    Jennifer Ruparell

    I absolutley love massages! I wish I could have an on call masseuse just because :)

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