This Valentine's Day, send the CupidGram

by February 04, 2013

 With Valentine's Day coming up on February 14th, BeautyGram is ready to help solve your shopping stresses and has created the perfect gift for your special someone.

We've combined some of our favourite spa products for your skin and the bath, chocolate, and even jewellery.  With careful consideration for what our customers love and what we think many would swoon over on Valentine's Day, we've put together the limited edition CupidGram. Who wouldn't want this beautiful package showing up on Valentine's Day?

What's included in the CupidGram?

  LUCIA SOY CANDLE: Relax your mind and let the warm scents take you away.   COCONUT KISS BATH SOAK: Generously pour a 1/3 of salts into the water and let the seductively scented cocoa butter velvetize your skin and ease your body.   DESSERTED ISLAND BODY MOUSSE: Drench your damp skin with this exotic mix of natural body butters and let your mind go to the desserted island you wish to be at.   COCOA TREE ELIXIR: Dab your body where you wish to be kissed! Chocolate body decadence never tasted so good.   BUTTER LONDON LIPS AND TIPS: Carefully apply “Come To Bed Red” to the sultry pout and sexy toes.   KISSING ELIXIR: Spray 1-2 times keeping you ready for that special smooch that someone blows your way. 100% natural. 110% kissable.   KUTULA KISS BRACELET: Kiss the world and spread the love! Wear, Don’t Share! Spiritual beliefs are that when worn, these bracelets capture your energies.  Order your CupidGram today and enjoy a romantic Valentine's Day! Don't want to wait for someone to give it to you? The CupidGram is just as special when you order it for yourself! **order by February 11, 3 pm MST for delivery by Valentine's Day


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