3 Times To Give a Gift That Don't Appear on the Calendar

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When was the last time you gave someone a gift? Was it a family member's birthday? Christmas? A friend's baby shower? Anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers - these are dates that can be marked down on the calendar, with a reminder sent to us so we don't forget.  This gives us plenty of time to go shopping, plan out a gift and rarely get caught off guard. Despite the calendar days, there are many other times to consider giving a gift to someone that we can't prepare for.  Here are a few examples of when gift-giving isn't always necessarily, but certainly meaningful: 1 - Congratulations! Did someone just get a promotion? Graduate their course? Get engaged? Now's a great time to say 'I'm so excited for you!' with a gift! 2- Thank you! There are some people who really go out of their way to help and be kind, isn't there? The neighbour who has shoveled your drive way because they know how hard it would be for you with the kids to do it, or the friend who hooked you up with that job introduction.  A thank you gift is powerful, because it's recognizing someone's kindness.  Not sure if a gift is appropriate? You can never go wrong with a simple thank you note. 3- Thinking of you The 'thinking of you gift' is very special indeed, because it's extremely random.  It could be sent because you miss someone.  Or because you know a friend or family member is  going through a difficult time.  The point of this kind of gift is that it really doesn't matter the reason, the thought is what's important.  Random acts of gifting can make a really memorable and lasting impression on someone. In what other circumstances have you sent a gift to someone that isn't because of a calendar date? Have you received a thank you, congratulations or thinking of you gift?


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