3 Fun, Cute and Neutral Baby Shower Decor Ideas


Spring is a beautiful time of year to host a baby shower.  The temperature is comfortable enough for mom-to-be, and the nicer weather opens up possibilities to have a beautiful garden gathering. When I had my first baby, my shower was lovely, hosted by friends and my sister and had a sweet lamb theme. I wasn't sure if I was having a boy or a girl so the neutral yellows and greens were sweet and welcoming. Thanks to Pinterest and what seems to be the development of gorgeous do-it-yourself party decor, there are some really fun and creative ways to host a shower.  The theme doesn't have to be overt and the colours can be as neutral as you like. Would you try one of these colour themes? 1- Polka Dot To me, there is something whimsical about polka dots.   They are fun, can be in any colour you like and look adorable.  Plus, there are endless possibilities for decorations. From these jars, the straws, napkins to the invitations, creativity can abound by the dot.

  2- Sunshine Yellow One of the ultimate neutral baby colours, this time of year screams for a little extra sunshine.  I used a yellow and lemon theme for my sister's wedding shower and loved how simple but pretty everything looked.  Check out the whole post below from Pinterest for more details on this outdoor shower, but I just couldn't resist these centrepieces.
  3- Black and White Sophistication Black and white might seem like a bolder choice, but this colour choice means that almost any colour can be subtly added for extra pop (maybe a mint colour that seems so hot right now?).  But look at the picture below. Isn't it stunning? That's an Ikea train set that they decorated on the table.  The soft gold accents are making this whole table setting feel so rich and lovely.

Source: ontobaby.com via On to on Pinterest

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