Canada Day Wedding Theme

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Did your wedding have a theme?  Canada Day happens to fall on a Monday this year which means a long weekend! This also means the opportunity for many brides and grooms to be getting married. I was married on a long weekend - the long weekend in May, 9 years ago. We had the wedding out of town so while it's always a question as to whether or not people want to spend their long weekends at a wedding, it meant that most were able to build in a mini-vacation at the same time. Travel was easier and we all had a wonderful time. But with Canada Day being this weekend, would you consider having a Canada themed wedding? What would that look like? I'm picturing beautiful red flowers, a menu complete with maple syrup, bacon and poutine, and celebratory fireworks. That sounds like a great time no matter the weekend! Here are some inspirational ideas for a Canada Day themed wedding!  Would you consider any?

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June 25, 2013

I think a Canada Day wedding could be fabulous. Spectacular. Love the red balloons and fireworks. Not sure about that cake. (I’ve got cake issues. ; )

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