Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon: BeautyGram Owner Takes it On

by June 27, 2013

Are you a runner? I have a lot of racing friends but it's something I haven't gotten into. However, I have great admiration for people who work hard to train and participate in races. After months and months of training, BeautyGram founder and owner Jennifer Ruparell participated in the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon on June 23. I asked Jennifer about her training for the run and her desire to participate.

I've never been a runner.  I've always been health conscious and active but on my own terms. I knew when I turned 30 I wanted a different challenge in life. Running for 2.5 hrs with no stopping was what I set out for and I did it. Sometimes you don't like doing something but the mental game lets you know that you can do it. I had to train for this and stay committed for the last 4 months. Rain or shine. It was one of the best feelings I have had yesterday and one of the toughest things I've done. You want to stop and give up but you just don't!

--Jennifer Ruparell, Founder, BeautyGram

I love Jennifer's determination and enthusiasm - something I see every day when working with her - but her energy to commit and participate in the half marathon is something that many people can be inspired by. However, when I first mentioned that I wanted to write about it on the blog, she did quip that I should ask readers for recovery tips! So, dear readers, are you a runner? Have you participated in races? And do you have any post-run body wellness tips to share? Sound off in the comments! And congratulations Jennifer! photo


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