Back To School Beauty Basics: Simple changes to make

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Many are busy with back to school shopping right now. No matter what age or grade, new school supplies, new clothing and new plans are being made. Which means it's a good time to assess your beauty routine and supplies as well.  Even if you aren't heading to class, September is often seen as a fresh start full of new beginnings.  My makeup drawer certainly needs some refreshing! Where Should You Begin 1 - Start by getting rid of makeup that is just too old.  Some make up can last for 6 months to a year according to this Chatelaine article, while mascara has a shorter shelf life.  If you've had that eye shadow since Ace of Base was making popular music, it's time to replace. Looking for a green or eco-friendly way to toss your makeup? Check out this article with some suggestions or this one talks about recycling makeup containers and other tips. 2 - Now that you've gotten rid of the older cosmetics, what about your other makeup supplies? Is my travel make up bag the only one that ends up covered in powder after a few months? When was the last time you cleaned your make up brushes? Now is a perfect time to take inventory for all of your cosmetic assistant tools as well! Check out this easy-to-make 'recipe' from the blog My Favourite Things. 3 - Replace your old products with something new and fresh. Only you know what cosmetics you use the most. You may need to replace your mascara and your foundation, possibly eye shadow. Looking for a new fabulous lip product for the fall? BeautyGram loves the Jane Iredale PureGloss collection (featured in our Bridezilla BeautyGram!). jane iredale puregloss image source: Jane Iredale And give your skin a new gift this fall with the Principessa Beauty Cattiva Diva Silk Hand cream, found on our Build A BeautyGram page. Are you going to try to do something new as we head back to school for some beauty basics? Personally, I am going to be following #1 and finding some replacements!   


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Jan Barker
Jan Barker

August 30, 2013

American Beauty’s spacious facility was designed specifically with you, the student, in mind. Our impressive atmosphere, contemporary design, and functional layout are just a few of the things you’ll find here. Our professional designers have worked hard to put togather the finest and freshest academy of its kind. Located in historic, downtown Payson, our facility includes: styling floor, esthetics parlor, nail corner, dispensary, the theatre, photo studio, orientation classroom, retail store, break room, the loft.

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