Products We Love: Jane Iredale

by September 10, 2013

When it comes to selecting cosmetics, there is a sea of options out there.  Whether you are looking at the Drug Store, or at the beauty counter of a high end department store, it can be hard to find the right product for you. That's why BeautyGram loves Jane Iredale.  These natural cosmetics stand up to those other brands you've been checking out and offer a new richness and elegance with each product. The products are wonderful for all women and multi-functional. From the Jane Iredale Website:

Jane has always thought of makeup as an essential part of a woman's sense of well-being and she wanted to make that easy to achieve.  That's why her mineral powders are a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen all in one, and why every product in the line is multi-functional.  Her goal is to make products that look good, feel good and are good for the skin.
BeautyGram loves Jane Iredale! You can add a Jane Iredale PureGloss to your customized gift when you Build-a-BeautyGram or a Jane Iredale Magic Mitt which cleanses your skin without harsh chemicals. bride gift and new mom gift We also feature the PureGloss in our Bridezilla BeautyGram and the Magic Mitt in the Pretty Mama BeautyGram. In exciting news, we are also happy to extend our huge congratulations to Jane Iredale whose PureGloss Lip Gloss in Crabapple was just selected as a Best of Beauty winner by Allure in the 'Natural Wonders' category! Congratulations!


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