What Do You Want To See In A BeautyGram?

by October 23, 2013

The BeautyGram team has spent the past many months planning for the upcoming holiday season, preparing a new website that will be unveiled soon, and sourcing new products that we think customers are going to love! Many months ago we asked our customers via a survey to answer a few questions about their gift buying habits, their relationship with BeautyGram and more.  We took that feedback and have been using it to help guide many of our decisions going forward.  We love our customers and value what they have to say! But our work isn't done yet.  We are going to be excitedly showing you the new (and fantastic) website soon, new products and more.  However, we still want to hear from you. Have a certain product that YOU would love to see in a BeautyGram? Or a type of gift that you would want to receive or send? What would YOUR special BeautyGram look like? What would it be called? Leave your thoughts in the comments and we'll keep doing our research to bring you luxurious gifts - for that special someone in your life, or to gift to yourself, because you deserve it too!  


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