Pink Monday

by Shawn Barker January 17, 2014

 Black Friday’s here again! Except this year you don’t have to drag yourself out of bed barely awake, get in the car, and zoom to the mall while it’s still dark out. With Cyber Monday you can grab your laptop from your warm, cozy bed and shop it up! On Monday, December 2nd BeautyGram will be launching Pink Monday! Look forward to Monday because BeautyGram is offering a little something extra to each of you.


On Pink Monday we’ll be giving away BeautyGram stocking stuffer with every purchase over $100! In fact, for every 99 dollars you spend you’ll get an extra BeautyGram stocking stuffer …spend $199, receive 2 gifts … $299, receive 3, and so on! The stocking stuffers are our surprise gifts to you. Every one of our products is hand selected by our BeautyGram experts, taking into account purpose, ingredients, and packaging.


We also promise that it won’t be a duplicate of something already included in your order. So go ahead, use Pink Monday to splurge on your loved ones. Whether it’s baby’s first Christmas, a night out with the girls, a quiet spa night in, or a holiday party, there’s a BeautyGram for every occasion. Feel free to indulge yourself and others with BeautyGram’s elegant acts of care.

Shawn Barker
Shawn Barker


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