What are we missing?

by Brittany Morrow February 05, 2014

What are we missing?

For 2014, we went back to the drawing boards at BeautyGram headquarters yet again to refresh our inventory all in celebration of our new website. We wanted to keep our selections short and sweet so here’s what we came up with:

The Signature BeautyGram has been with us since the beginning. The perfect thank you gift for the co-worker or classmate, this parcel is the quintessential selection of all the things that make up that quick but thoughtful ideal gift.

The Baby BeautyGram is explained in the name. It was carefully curated to include only the purest of ingredients for the beautiful new born.

The Bubble Toes BeautyGram is a spa package in a 4x4 box. It’s meant to relax and pamper whomever it’s given too.

The BFF BeautyGram is for that one and only! Perfect for a birthday or an occasion-less night in, it’s a little act of appreciation for the one who tell everything.

The Pick Me Up BeautyGram is a little bit new and a little bit of our previous Wellness BeautyGram. Whether you’re acknowledging when times are tough or healing a broken heart, this pink package is meant to soothe and repair.

With the introduction of our Pink Is The New Red campaign we came up with two new limited BeautyGrams. If you like them we’ll keep them around but they were inspired for our love of all things love in February!

The To Have & To Hold BeautyGram is a new take on our old Bridezilla package. Perfect for the winter wedding, it’s all the things the bride needs to take her from the aisle to the honeymoon.

Our Cinnamon Hearts BeautyGram is pretty and pink, sassy and red. Specific to our campaign, its meant for Valentines Day but not strictly romantic. Perfect for the girlfriend or best friend it’s all things feminine for any occasion.

Since we try to curate the BeautyGram’s specially with you in mind we figured it was time to take to the community to see what you think. With the explanation of our current line above,  is there a specific package you’d like to see? Tell us what we’re missing in the comments below.

Brittany Morrow
Brittany Morrow


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