Valentine's Day In Our House

by Brittany Morrow February 07, 2014

Valentines Day In Our House

In my house Valentines Day wasn’t only for the romantic. Since we were little my mom loved Valentines Day, ranked just after Valentines Day but before Christmas it was her 2nd favourite non-holiday. We didn’t make plans, they were forbidden. We were all home for dinner because she was trying new recipes and baking heart-shaped desserts. The table was decorated and my brother, sister, and I each had small but thoughtful gifts. A card or chocolates were placed in front of our “spots” at the dinner table and fresh, pink and red flowers were always present. Regardless of whatever else we had going on at the time were always home to spend the evening together.


As a result of this, from early on, we learned that Valentines Day was always about love, but it wasn’t strictly romantic. It doesn’t have to be about flowers and chocolate, but flowers are beautiful and I always want chocolate. It is the perfect day to celebrate love, of every kind. From family to friendship, at BeautyGram we love love, or else we wouldn’t exist. This year our lovely guest curator, Melanie Kjorlien-VP of Collections at the Calgary Glenbow Museum came up with the Cinnamon Hearts package to celebrate just this. It’s not only meant to be given to your sweety, it’s also for your girl friend or any friend all in name of love, any kind of love, and it doesn’t need any more clarification than that!

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Brittany Morrow
Brittany Morrow


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