by Brittany Morrow February 10, 2014

New Create-A-BeautyGram Page Coming Soon!

We’re so excited to announce that BeautyGram’s expanding! Bit by bit we’re getting there but we’re ready to say big changes are coming our way and yours! It was time for a new look and an updated version of our site is about to be launched. It’s been a bit of a bumpy road but it’s finally close and we can’t wait to debut our vibrant new look! There’s a slight complication though, with this big change we’ve temporarily lost the Create-A-BeautyGram page. We promise it’s not gone permanently but it’s the trickiest part of the development and requires a little extra special attention :) For now, we’ve curated seven perfect BeautyGrams packages to fit all the gifting occasions (or lack there of). Keep in touch and we’ll let you know when it’s back!

We’re also getting ready to hint at another of our expansion endeavors. BeautyGram is well on it’s way to offering a different version of our hot pink gift -- this time entirely digital! The idea of the digital BeautyGram is something that’s been on our minds for the better part of 2013 and we couldn’t be happier to be making this a possibility for all our lovely BG buyers. With this new type of parcel comes the elimination of shipping costs and an entirely new level of custom and intimate curation. We plan on being able to allow you to send books, music, movies, and videos to your loved ones, keeping it personal because you know them best. Keep up with BeautyGram - good things to come!


Brittany Morrow
Brittany Morrow


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