Jolene Burke, Proud Mama XO


When we first came up with our Valentine’s Day giveaway we planned to simply ask people if they could put any item in a 4x4x4 box, the size of a BeautyGram, to send to their loved ones, what would it be? It could be absolutely anything, tangible or not, mail safe or not, we just wanted to hear about the intent behind it. We foolishly thought we would then pick the most thoughtful entry, the one that moved us most, and declare them the winner of our Valentines BeautyGram. As the entries started rolling in we quickly learned this wouldn’t be the case, every single one was equally heartfelt, deeply personal, and entirely emotional. We were literally moved to tears. For real. We ended up having to do a random selection from a website and were happy to announce Jolene Burke as the winner. Her entry said,

“I would send one to my unborn daughter and put a Tiffany locket inside for her. I would also put a family picture for her. And a letter for her to read when she turns 18 about how excited we are to meet her and our hopes and dreams for her.”

We love the idea of creating a care box at birth to save for later. When we emailed her to tell her she’d won she was so happy and said her day had been made :) Her beautiful baby girl is due to arrive in May and they couldn’t be more excited. Her dad has actually ordered her a Tiffany&Co locket for when she gets here. Jolene went on to praise her wonderful man and tell us about how when her son was born, he actually gave her her own Tiffany’s locket with her son’s initials ♥ ♥ ♥ We wanted to write this blog entry to acknowledge that lovely dad and all the others out there like him. We love connecting with our beautiful followers on another level, after all this is why BeautyGram was created in the first place. Please continue to share with us!


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