What About March?

by Brittany Morrow February 28, 2014 1 Comment



A couple months ago we decided that we would regularly switch up our product line so we could specially curate a new BeautyGram every month or so. This keeps our product line fresh and everyone interested, *hopefully*. We came up with themes and it started off easy. For December and January we ran our Sparkle & Pop theme because those months make us think of just that. The sparkle of the lights and sequins and the pop of champagne. February brought Valentines Day so we had our Pink Is The New Red theme and we created a Cinnamon Hearts and a To Have & To Hold BeautyGram. Now we’re almost at March … and … well, what do we do about March? Christmas is long gone, Valentine’s Day is over, so what now? For most of us, we’re in the dead of winter, in the ugly month of March. We apologize to any March birthdays (oops). For April, we’ll look to Easter or Spring but in the meantime - we need a theme! Something hopeful and positive. We’re all out of ideas and drawing a blank, so we decided to turn the question to our community! Help! We want to switch up the line again so what does March bring?

What do you think of when you think of March?

What can we curate while we’re waiting for spring?

Please let us know in the comments below!



Brittany Morrow
Brittany Morrow


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March 03, 2014

You could play with the St. Patrick’s Day theme. If you want to keep it closely tied to the holiday, you could do a detox box (because we all know how the 17th is usually celebrated) or create an Irish-themed collection of products made in Ireland or somehow tied to Irish traditions (for example, braided hair is a symbol of feminine power and luck in Ireland – a box with something for your hair and something empowering could work for that theme). Or, if you’re looking for something more hopeful and positive, try playing with the Luck of the Irish theme – who would say no to a box full of luck!

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