Favourite Things For Winter


As the winter months drag on and on I tend to think about all the things I use to get me through. I guess I don’t actually NEED them but I sure love to have them with me. These are a few of my favourite things.

David’s Birthday Cake Tea:

I first recieved this from my lovely friend as a, you guess it, birthday gift because she knew we couldn’t spend it together. This is by far my favorite flavour, long after my birthday. Mixed with honey and almond milk it serves as the perfect relaxant for any night in.


Peanut Butter Cookies:

I don’t think anyone actually takes the time to look at the KRAFT peanut butter container beyond the bears on the front, but it has the most useful recipe on the back. It’s simple and best of all-- gluten free because I had celiac before it was trendy. If you’re in need of groceries its has only three ingredients, the peanut butter you’re holding, sugar, and an egg. They take 15 minutes and then they’re all yours. The perfect comfort food for an evening in.


Pink Fur Blanket:

I understand that this is an unrealistic material item to own but I love it nonetheless. It’s cozy and i love to wrap myself in it whenever I see the grey outside. I move it with me around the house as I go. The one I have is from Indigo/Chapters, the light pink version is no longer there but they come out with new colours seasonally.

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 4.49.52 PM.png

Principess Pretty Pied Foot Whatever:

We sell this one and it comes highly recommended! It smells like heaven, if heaven spelled like xxxxx and feels like butter. It’s perfect for winter because you can put it on under your socks and wear it all day. You can put it on before bed to moisturize and hydrate. Dry skin is one of the worst parts of winter and this is a perfect remedy!

Principessa_FootBalm (2).jpg
What are some of your winter go to’s for comfort before the spring?

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  • Brittany Morrow
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