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by Rebecca Stanisic March 25, 2014 1 Comment

Any guesses what this little gem is? 


Make your guess!


Did you guess a lipstick holder/mirrored tray? Because that's what it's for! I can put lipstick, mascara, chap stick and jewellery in it.  

This find was something I came across years ago at an antique shop. It sits on top of my vanity and what history it holds I'm not  entirely sure.  I haven't had it dated before, but I suspect it's decades old.

Did it once sit on top of the vanity for a Hollywood starlet?  A socialite? A Mad Men-esque housewife?  Whatever the history, I'm happy to have it on display and for my own use now. 

Do you have pieces like this that beckon a different time and era?  Share pictures with us on our Facebook page! 


Rebecca Stanisic
Rebecca Stanisic


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April 09, 2014

Oh my goodness, that reminds me of growing up. My mom had that on her dresser and I thought it was so glamorous. I would love playing dress up and taking the lipstick out of this holder. I know she still has it, two even, I wonder if she is willing to give it up – wink

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