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Ok, Ok I get it! We all are tired of this polar vortex we have endured this winter, but think of all the snow angels you made, and the snow balls you threw, and the snow flakes that touched your skin. It's the magic of winter-the idea of snow globes and the beauty that lies within them. 

I love winter-for two to three months tops. I love playing in the snow with my daughter and dogs, and skiing from the top of a mountain, and the satisfaction of hot cocoa and delicious cookies that go with the season. But I also relish the nights when I can light a candle, run a steamy bath, soak with some of my favourite mineral infused bath bubbles and have some Jenn time. Perhaps if I am lucky, I may even throw a glass of wine in the mix and we are having a solo party!

This week on the blog we are giving away one of our BG favs, the divinely scented and highly nourishing Principessa Mineral Bath Soak, to one lucky winner who tells us what their best part of winter is?


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  • Jennifer Ruparell
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  • Jennifer

    The giveaway is now closed! Thank you to everyone who entered and congrats to Melissa on winning the Principessa Soak. It’s so good. Enjoy XO

  • Jennifer

    I think the best part of winter is that it feels so good to stay in at night and snuggle up with tea and a book or movie.

  • Julie Valenzuela
    Julie Valenzuela

    The best part of winter is staying in, cuddled up with my daughter watching a movie!

  • Angela Mitchell
    Angela Mitchell

    I’m lucky because we’ve had a really mild nice winter on the BC west coast. I really like the opportunities for sitting around the fire in our house with hot chocolate and snuggling up with fuzzy blankets for movie nights.

  • Melissa Grandmaison
    Melissa Grandmaison

    When I was a kid, my brother and I would play outside for hours with friends. When we would come home, we would see the windows of the house all steamed up and we knew our mom had made something warm and comforting for supper. We would eat it as fast as we could and go right back outside! I think of that every time I make something that steams up the windows :)

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