The Spring Blossom BeautyGram

by Jennifer Ruparell April 08, 2014

What makes you think of spring? Here are some scents and colours that do it for me! The little strawberry hair ties are mine from when I was just a little girl. I find them so adorable and remind me of the days I had them tied in my hair and playing in my grandparents backyard.





Every year I am continually inspired with the beautiful and captivating Cherry Blossoms. I have even toyed with fact of getting a small  tattoo of them on my body as they are a love language within themselves. Cherry Blossoms have great symbolic presence as precious parts of nature and people are drawn to the enduring metaphors of their feminine beauty and principle. They also emanate the joys and freshness of life and all the prosperity it brings.

This season, The Blossom BeautyGram was designed for our spring collection with my lovely Mother in mind. Her beauty is like no other, an essence of the delight that evokes the spring season like blooming flowers, loving friendships and femininity. 

This sweetly made care package is coming this week! XO 

Blossom BeautyGram 

-Kutula Kiss friendship bracelet

-Cake Mini Velveteen Hand Cream

-Mini Spa Ritual in Spring colour

-Elf mineral lip gloss in bare natural



Jennifer Ruparell
Jennifer Ruparell


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