Behind the Scenes at BeautyGram

by Rebecca Stanisic April 09, 2014

We love sharing stories with our customers about the BeautyGram family - how each one is carefully created, experiences with business endeavours like appearing on Dragons' Den and beauty tips and tricks from BeautyGram employees.  

Over the next couple of weeks, we are pulling back the curtain and going behind the scenes at BeautyGram to give you even more insight in how this business runs (spoiler alert: A lot of hard work and even more heart!). 

I'll be chatting with owner Jennifer Ruparell about BeautyGram, working from home and more.  Are you a small business owner? I think you'll love some of her insights that she's going to share about being in business for yourself. Are you a BeautyGram customer? I think you'll find it really neat to learn how each BeautyGram is created and what the day-to-day operations look like. 

Let's get started with a few questions for Jennifer about the creation of each BeautyGram, including her current favourite, plus a speed round of questions to get to know her a bit better at the end!



Q: How long does it take to curate, design and create each BeautyGram?


Good question! Some are like a fine wine that takes time to mature and make good, others come off in minutes. I think what people don’t realize is the time and research spent on finding specific products for specific packages. It’s not as simple as people think. When I set out to create a package for an occasion, I envision that person opening up the package and understanding the reason for these products. The why. The package has to evoke emotion. They are never just products that look nice and smell lovely thrown in a box. The purpose has to be beautiful! Take for instance our baby products that we source, organic and useful and natural is what I think brand new bundle of joy. The Kissing Elixirs are cheeky and fun, yet they are all natural with a sophisticated edge. The Giving Keys with their messages and motto is so compelling and something every woman can relate to. You see, all this curation takes a lot of time and I just hope that every BeautyGram created is a beautiful gift experience that can truly make a woman smile in some form.  




Q: If you were to send yourself a BeautyGram right now, which one would you pick?

I would choose the Blossom BeautyGram that is launching this week. It is very feminine and evokes fresh spring like smells of raspberry and vanilla, and the colors of my favourite goodies macaroons. It also has my favourite Kutula Kiss friendship bracelet that is dainty and handmade.


Q: Any romantic stories about a BeautyGram gift?


AH this is always pulls at the heart strings for me. Since I do not get to meet as many women as I would like, but have delivered to restaurants and hotels and hospitals and everything in between, I like to live the moment through the gift tag message. I get to read the most thoughtful messages and they are so from the heart. Better than any Hallmark could do and I know that a special lady is getting proposed to or celebrating a very special occasion. You can actually feel the emotion that these little messages will bring and I feel delighted to know that we were some part of that. It’s a pretty cool feeling.


Speed round!


Coffee or tea?

both. I don’t like picking sides

Music or silence while you work?
MUSIC always
Pen and paper or all electronic?
Pen, paper, post-its, mechanical pencils are an obsession, more post-its, then definitely iPhone and MacBook. I haven’t really adopted the iPad. Have 2 and don’t love it.
Thanks Jennifer!! Next week, I've asked her to chat about working from home - and she's going to share pictures of her home office. Stay tuned!



Rebecca Stanisic
Rebecca Stanisic


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