Behind the Scenes: Part 2 - BeautyGram Head Office

by Rebecca Stanisic April 16, 2014

Last week we chatted with BeautyGram owner Jennifer Ruparell about the process of creating a BeautyGram.  This week, she's sharing some behind the scene pictures of her office and BeautyGram work spaces. 

Of her work space, Jennifer says "I like the display because it inspires me. I work at night a lot so sometimes wine is my sidekick. I love burning candles as I love the scent and calming, stimulating effect, if that makes sense. I have table tennis on my desk to have a match from time to time and also have a table talk game I love playing. It gets me thinking differently.
The perfume, hair ties and tissue is for a spring blog post I am going to write that reminds me of my childhood."

Jennifer likes surrounding herself with inspiration therefore she keeps a lot of books, sayings, and hand drawn gems from her daughter in and around the office. 




She has storage shelves with BeauytGram products that are neatly packed and ready to go.  Jennifer has created a space where she can find inspiration, work hard and have a little fun too!  


Entrepreneurs, what does your business space look like?

Rebecca Stanisic
Rebecca Stanisic


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