Gifts for Teachers and New Grads

by Rebecca Stanisic June 13, 2014

They've been working hard all year, and now they see the finish line and their opportunity for a bit of rest. We're talking about teachers and new graduates.   Teachers have been planning each day for children and students across the country all year, and many students are wearing a cap and gown this month to celebrate the end of their studious efforts.  We want to celebrate the end of the school year too, and the end of some academic careers, with gift ideas for teachers and graduates this month!

Not sure what to get as a celebratory gift? That's where BeautyGram comes in.  For the teacher who has been hard at work for so many months, marking tests and comforting exhausted students, we think the Blossom BeautyGram or the Signature would be a wonderful 'thank you' for them.  Encourage those special teachers to take some time for themselves this summer and relax with our carefully selected BeautyGram products.  Also check out our mini BeautyGrams which offers the same BeautyGram experience in a miniature form. 

For the Grads who are closing their notebooks, saving their last essay and preparing their resumes, the Yogi Girl or Working Girl is where it's at.  The Yogi Girl symbolizes the journey new grads are about to embark on, and the Working Girl is a luxurious, professional start to the grad's new career efforts. 

Still not sure what the right gift is? Browse the Create a BeautyGram section in our shop, or send an e-certificate today!

We are always happy to help customize your gift experience.  Contact us on Facebook or Twitter for assistance and ideas.  


Rebecca Stanisic
Rebecca Stanisic


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