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Do you have your bridal party selected? Are you having them all dress in the same colour? Do they get to pick their own style? It's exciting to share your wedding with close friends and families and selecting your bridal party is often a reflection of who you want to spend not only your wedding day with, but your future as a couple with. 

I had two women in my bridal party for our medium sized wedding.  They would receive emails from me with ideas, dates, planning questions and more through out the process.  I was married ten years ago, so I suspect the emails would have been replaced by texts now.  At the end of it all, my maid of honour made us a scrap book with pictures of the dress fittings, hair trials, and copies of my many emails that I sent.  It's something I treasure. 

To thank those who are helping make your day as special, fun and easy for you as they can, you probably are looking for a thank you gift for them (as I did with my girls).  

BeautyGram can help! No matter how many are in your bridal party, we can help create a custom BeautyGram that is just right for them, or, we recommend the BFF or Blossom BeautyGrams that are part of our current collection to send to the girls.  They've been taking care of you, now you can pamper them!


               Hen Party BeautyGram


                             BFF BeautyGram                                  Blossom BeautyGram                             

 Have questions or want to talk about a larger group order? Email info@beautygram.com and put 'Bridal Party' in the subject line! We're happy to help.

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  • Rebecca Stanisic
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