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by Jennifer Ruparell August 06, 2014

Grateful for the life I am building and the time I got to spend with my family this summer, I had the opportunity to take off on Holidays for a week. I chilled and pondered, wrote and visualized, and sourced some new inspiration for BeautyGram. I always take boxes and product with me when I travel just so I can give those that make a difference a little pink something. I seem to set up some sort of 'shop' in every hotel room I stay in and create my own BG with a thoughtful mix of finds from those cities travelled and my own! I find sheer happiness in the thought of pampering those deserving women around me and trying to find the right experience for each of them. If I can say, "Thank You" and treat the doting ladies that made our trip nothing short of fabulous, why wouldn't I? Karma is a beautiful thing! 

I couldn't help but share this Instagram post from one of the ladies who every year makes our stay in Jamaica a wicked one and who truly deserves a little Canadian L.O.V.E. I know giving socks to someone who lives in Jamaica may seem a bit odd for us Canadians who mostly wear a flip flop in climates as such, but she loves them! It makes me laugh.  

P.S. Tina, if you read this...YOU rock!!!

When you travel and have unexpected over the top service, how do you say, "Thank You!"?

Jennifer Ruparell
Jennifer Ruparell


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