Back To School and Mama needs extra hugs

by Rebecca Stanisic September 11, 2014

Back to School is a really busy, and often stressful time for families. Gone are the days of summer freedom, late nights and impromptu fun.  Instead, we see the return of routine, homework and rushed schedules. 

Both of my kids are back to school and the first week is always a disaster.  While school itself seems to be going very well for both, I end up with over-hungry, over-tired children by 3 pm.  It takes us a while to adjust our sleep schedules, get used to the hustle of the mornings and really find our groove.  This week we are seeing signs of hope; but I miss them.

All of this change is not only hard on the kids, but it can be stressful on parents too. We are having to change our routines and find some sense of order in managing the household again (and making lunches which is a curse for many of us). On top of that, it's hard not to miss the kids too.  

How are you adjusting to the back to school routine at your house?

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Rebecca Stanisic
Rebecca Stanisic


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