by Jennifer Ruparell December 02, 2014 1 Comment

BeautyGram is giving away 10 BeautyGrams to 10 different hardworking women around Calgary!

Nominate a lady in your office that you want to show some extra appreciation to this holiday season.

Just email, SUBJECT: BG GIVEAWAY with the following information before December 15th.

We will personally deliver the winners their BeautyGrams before the 19th! It's that simple and sweet!

  • Your Name & Email

  • Her Name & Email

  • Company & Address

  • Tell us how she's goes the extra mile / why we should choose her!

      *Please note that winners will be selected based on your answers and only one winner per office will be chosen.


      Jennifer Ruparell
      Jennifer Ruparell


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      Tracy Fodchuk
      Tracy Fodchuk

      December 03, 2014

      The lady I would like to nominate at my office is Rosanna Dardano, ( has had a tough year, her husband had surgery at the beginning of the year, her aunt passed away a few months ago and a month ago her mom had a very serious stroke, and just this week she has been in and out of emergency with her husband for a medical condition; while caring for her mom and her dad (who are both senior’s) she has still managed to put together many Christmas events for our office, she has managed to arrange our Christmas Party at the Banff Springs Hotel, our Children’s Party and our Department Luncheon.
      Despite all her family set backs, she is still in the office every day, a little tired but still very helpful. My mom works at a high needs low income school and she has taken the time to donate office supplies to her school that our company no longer uses and has gone through her own personal clothing and her daughters clothing to donate to students and their parents at my mom’s school.
      Rosanna is a very giving, thoughtful person and she could really use a BeautyGram.
      (Rosanna is out of the office for the Holidays beginning December 15, if she is a chosen winner her home address would be provided, or it can still be delivered to the office and I will courier to her home)
      Crew Energy Inc
      Suite 800, 250 5th Street SW. T2P 0R4

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