Valentine's Day Just Got A Little More Fun!

by Jennifer Ruparell January 29, 2015

At BeautyGram, we love partnering with our brand partners and having fun! When Cassie from Curiosity Box  came to us and asked if we wanted to do something for Valentine's Day, it was an instant YES! I can't think of a Mother who doesn't want to give their child something fun and crafty, and NOT cheesy and glucose filled for Valentine's Day. The perk is that Mama gets something pretty sweet too! And we mean sweet in the sense of selling good, looking good and having a minute or two for herself. Enter to win on the Curiosity Box Facebook page 

 and make sure to like and share for extra love points...

We hope you spread the love this season and have a beautiful day! XO


Jennifer Ruparell
Jennifer Ruparell


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