Introducing the Fortunista REWARDS Campaign

by Jennifer Ruparell February 12, 2015








 Dream, Love, Inspire, Believe and Strength. These are the words on the one-of-a-kind BeautyGram’s Fortunista Fortune Cookie necklace that are hand stamped by a child at G.R.I.T Calgary Society (Getting Ready for Inclusion Today). The G.R.I.T. Society is a non-profit Early Childhood Education program for preschool children with disabilities. BeautyGram has partnered with G.R.I.T to help embrace, encourage, and nurture the artistic skills as well as the motor skills that all children need to develop. Fortunista Fortune Cookie necklaces are a unique gift intended to bring positivity, wisdom, and good fortune.




Working hand over hand with a child is such a beautiful experience! And as lucky as we are to watch them get excited about creating something so special and hearing them practice the words they stamp, BeautyGram, along with you, gets the chance to appreciate true beauty regardless of circumstance. 



 BeautyGram has partnered with G.R.I.T. since November and is excited to give back to this non-profit cause that is truly working to make a difference in a child’s world.  BeautyGram is growing, passionate about this partnership, and needs the help of its fans who believe in the same cause to help take it to the next level.

 BeautyGram thanks all the children involved and their wonderfully committed teachers and parents for such a special labour of love.


Jennifer Ruparell
Jennifer Ruparell


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