Refresh your beauty routine this Spring


The Spring weather has rejuvenated our spirits and our souls, and we can finally put the long winter behind us. However, we shouldn't forget to take care of our bodies as well. 

The Spring is the perfect time to try a few changes to our beauty routines.  Here are 3 ideas on what to do differently this Spring to refresh your look. 

1- Try a new scent

Retire your winter scent - your perfume or lotion - and trade it for a fresh, new Spring scent.  Make it your signature scent for the season. 

Not sure what to try? We love our exclusive all-natural BeautyGram lotion in Water Lily

2- Try a new lip colour

Tired of the same lip colour from the cold, winter days? Switch it up! But don't worry if you love something bold. Vogue and Style.com tell us that the trend for Spring 2015 is a high-impact, statement lip so pull out your best magenta or red. 

Not sure that bold if your colour? Stick with what you love and forget the trends, or play with a new pink or blush. When in doubt, try a natural colour

3- Sleep!

Beauty sleep isn't just an expression.  Sleep is important for our health, but also can do wonders for our beauty routine.  Wake up feeling and looking gorgeous after a good night of sleep.  Even if you don't try idea #1 and #2 this Spring, sleep should become a priority for all of us this Spring, shouldn't it?

What's on your beauty routine list that you want to change this season?

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  • Rebecca Stanisic
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