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Ok mamas, lets talk! Your kids are back to school, the summer play dates are over and the need to have Pinot Gris in your Starbucks cup is no longer an issue because your freedom is back. Or maybe that was just me. Yes, we all love summer. No one is complaining about the longer nights and brighter warmer mornings, the no rushing out of the house to drop kids to school in the cold, or the vacations that allow us to keep sane. It's all music to the ears. But I have to point out that I don't ever remember seeing so many Mommy Gangs laughing and looking so good in the Starbucks parking lot as I did last week when they were kidless at last. Even if it was for a few hours. I heard them sharing there stories about what they can get done now and how happy little Hugo was to get back to school. It was great to hear that both of the parties, child and mother, were good.

As I walked back to my house with Starbucks in one hand and my dogs in another, I was chuckling inside as I passed by another Mommy Gang who seemed less ecstatic about their little ones starting school. One mama was so upset she wanted to go grab her boy from class and homeschool him. My thoughts for the chuckle is that we are never satisfied! It's the old saying, ''we are happy to have them go, sad to see them leave". I felt a sense of sadness for that mother as she felt her world was changing and over.

To be completely honest, I have had Baby BeautyGram in full time care since the age of one and Montessori since the age of 4. Many times where I feel guilty for this, but for us it worked! I believe that as a Mother you feel guilty all the time so do what is best for you. As Malia is an only child, she thrived in a social environment with other children, not cooped up at home with me. I dropped her off with hardly any hesitation and picked her up with little questions, except of course the days she was unwell. She was always okay, smiling and happy to come home. We both appreciated our space. I was never the mom who enjoyed weekly playdates, or who made coffee plans to get together with other moms so we can chat and compare stories. It's never been me. 


But as I continued on my walk, I realized more and more that we are all different yet we are all the same. We love our children no more or no less than the next mother and each of us is just doing our best. Being a Mother is really tough. It plays on our emotions all the time and no matter if you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, we all are going through the same thing. 

So to all you kick ass mamas out there, what is your thoughts on this topic? Did you have a really tough time letting go this year or could you barely wait for the time to come?


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  • Jennifer Ruparell
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