Farewell Friends! ~Jennifer


Life is full of surprises and memories and chapters. Today my 2nd baby-BeautyGram left to go to a new home with a new CEO. As I packaged up my last BG today, I reminisced and cried and laughed thinking about how crazy the last 5 years have been. How attached I have been to the company and what an extension of myself it's been. How much this business taught me both personally and professionally. And how I must really love the emotional abuse, as it's the cause and affect of being an entrepreneur... 
I couldn't be happier and more thankful for Carrie Paxson, the proud new owner from Accredentials Incorporated. She has supported and believed so much in what I did over the years that she wanted to continue the BG love. I feel blessed to sell to a wonderful and passionate woman who began her journey with BeautyGram as a customer just wanting to pamper the special women in her life. I know Carrie will absolutely kick ass with her new baby because she gets it!
Lastly, I need to THANK YOU! Thank you to all my sweet friends and family and customers for all your support over the years with BG. It has been my brainchild and craft and I am honoured that I got to share it with you.Thank you for sticking around during the highs and the struggle and for still caring about crazy Jenn and BG!

So here is my farewell BeautyGram pic with Malia and I as she has been my inspiration this whole pink chapter through! 

Have a beautiful day beauties and remember...
Keep buying BeautyGrams because they are WAY better than flowers! I promise Carrie will not let you down. 

With Love,


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  • Jennifer Ruparell
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  • Carrie Paxson
    Carrie Paxson

    you created a legacy Jenn, something important, special and niche. You inspire me, even moreso as we got to know each other better through the sale, setup and transition. You are the real deal – and I feel blessed and humbled to be in this space with you, and moving forward on your behalf, as you write the next chapter of your life. <3 You are amazing.

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