Website Enhancements (and hiccups!) to

by Carrie Paxson December 11, 2015

Website Enhancements (and hiccups!) to

Hello valued customers (or future customers!).   You may have noticed that we have been making changes to the website over the last few weeks, and I wanted to give you an update on some of the changes.

The previous website was AMAZING, however, the website was not mobile friendly by Google's standards so we needed to do an upgrade and it was a priority.  First off, I want to apologize to any of you that may have had issues or noticed changed while trying to purchase BeautyGram gift boxes leading up to the holiday season, as we did run into some minor bumps and hiccups while we were upgrading.  Now that we are fixed, I wanted to share with you some of the changes:

- The very popular Build a BeautyGram feature still works, but for those of you who used it before, you will notice that there are some changes in navigation which were necessary to ensure that the tool works correctly on a mobile phone.  The path is the same (Build a BeautyGram is right at the top of the SHOP link).  However, you need to now choose the box you wish to use, then add your products.  I am st\ill working with the new template to see if we can make this a one-step process again, but for today, the feature still works but with an extra step.  

- This enhancement is exciting!!  You are now able to add each BeautyGram with a personalized message and address.  Previously upon checkout, you could check out one gift basket and add your message and address of recipient at checkout.  Now, you can add your customized message and addresses on each BeautyGram you add to cart!  So you can check out more than one BeautyGram and customize each one!  Ding! Ding! Ding!!!

Now, what's the quirk?  If you buy 3 of the same BeautyGrams, you need to add each one to the cart, one at a time so you can customize each message.   But the good news, you can now order more than one to different recipients with different messages.   

Quirk 2:  I am having trouble adding the message box to the Build a BeautyGram, but I am getting closer!  If you check out a Build a BeautyGram, please email me with your custom message and gift recipient.  I promise it won't take long to get this fixed, but in the interim we are here for you.  Email Carrie at

What does this mean to you?

- Order BeautyGrams today for one lucky lady and schedule them for Valentine's Day, a Birthday, and Mother's Day.  Pay once, and know with confidence it is handled.  We fulfill each product individually with a tracking number, so you will see them go out on schedule.

- Order BeautyGrams today for mom, your favorite aunt and grandma for Mothers Day.  Three packages, with three addresses, with 3 separate messages.  Easy peasy!  Log in once and it is done!

I hope that this is explains why it changed, and how.  Google always keeps us on our toes!  I hope you like the changes!



Carrie Paxson
Carrie Paxson


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