BeautyGram Reflection on 2015

by Carrie Paxson January 06, 2016

BeautyGram Reflection on 2015

Carrie and Holger New Years Eve 2014Happy New Year everyone and thank you so much for your support, and welcoming me into the BeautyGram family!  In 2015 when I purchased BeautyGram in October, there were a few things that we did to get the ball rolling.  And for 2016 we definitely have some plans! Lets give you a little rundown of what happened in 2015.


Last year we went through a transition of ownership from Jenn to myself.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience.  Jennifer Ruparell and I have many things in common, but the one thing in particular is that we BOTH love this business.  I was a customer of BeautyGram since 2012 and many of my friends have received the pretty gift baskets that I loved to send. And of course, Jennifer created such an amazing brand with no detail missed.  

Once the transition was complete, my first order of business was to make the website responsive, which means that it could be checked out on a mobile phone.  When the site was first built, responsive websites were not on the radar of any business owner. In 2015, Google made it a requirement and you were penalized if this requirement was not adhered to.  The penalty, is that you were put on the back of the bus on the organic search engine rankings.  Many businesses were scrambling to get this fixed, and we were no exception..  We had a few technical hiccups with the new website, but I believe they are all sorted out now.

Also, in 2015 we created a partnership with YWCA of Calgary for a limited time holiday box for $20, plus we did a warehouse event the first weekend of November for customers in support of YWCA. BeautyGram has always been a supporter of the YWCA, but this year, we created a product offering for them.  The proceeds directly benefited the charity to the tune of $544.98. Seeing that we put together this campaign on short notice, for a short period of time, I am so thankful to all the customers who supported this, and also to the YWCA of Calgary for an incredible partnership.  A special thank you to my dear friend Kendra who was instrumental in converting my warehouse into a space that customers could enter.  She has the magic touch!

New Gift Baskets and Suppliers

Last but not least, one box of stock at a time, I restocked the majority of the previous gift basket offerings for BeautyGram.  That's right! Many of your favorites are back, namely:

  • Cupid
  • Mini Mani
  • Mini Escape
  • Mini HollyGram
  • Mini Bath
  • Wanderlust

I also created an account with local supplier All Things Jill, who also owns the Apothecary in Inglewood.  This local company is full of natural and wellness products.  As a result of that partnership, I created three new gift boxes.  Let me rephrase:  I created two, and changed one to add the new product offerings.  Here is the line-up!

  • Yogi Girl
  • Pretty Feet (that was one Jenn created that I brought back, but restocked with All Things Jill)
  • Mom To Be (this one is for mama)

I also did not reorder the pink chocolate (gasp! - don't hate me). I am in the process of creating a partnership with a local supplier called Froggers Chocolate who is no stranger to BeautyGram.  So yes, there will be chocolate again.  However, it is our plan to not offer chocolate year round.  Trust me.  This is not what I want, because I am the BIGGEST chocoholic.  However, be advised it does not ship well year round.  In the summer, it melts.  To accommodate chocolate coming and going, I am now calling it a "sweet" and the candy portion will be swapped out based on supply, demand and the season. I promise you whatever the sweet is, it will be delicious. But I need to make sure it is stable so your loved ones receive their package it is not melted from heat, or discolored from freezing temperatures.

New Options when choosing your Gift Basket

You now have the ability to choose your box.  As you may recall, not only do we have the pink signature box, we also have the baby pink and baby blue boxes, which are fantastic options for baby showers and expectant mothers.  If you look at the contents of the yogi package, and decide you want to send it as a baby shower gift - no problem!  Just choose your box from the drop down. We also held onto the red holiday box, so that it is available for valentine's day and Chinese New Year gift giving.  Also, for those that simply prefer another option.  If no box is chosen, the signature pink is the BeautyGram box that will be sent out. 

We also made enhancements to the website as well, which the most significant being that you can now send more than one BeautyGram with an individual message.  You can now buy one BeautyGram for your mom, and attach an address and message, and then choose another BeautyGram for your sister, at a different address and message and THEN check out in the same order. 

Thank you for your support, and for an amazing 2015.  I couldn't have done it without you!  I look forward to bringing you more value and more gorgeous gift baskets and beauty boxes in 2016.

Carrie Paxson
Carrie Paxson


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