Check out our Fabulous Gift Basket for Cat Crazy Ladies!

Check out our Fabulous Gift Basket for Cat Crazy Ladies!

I am a self proclaimed crazy cat lady.  Yes, I am.  I have two cats, Winnie and Pooh and my poor husband has been nothing but a champ around these two indignant felines (that I love with all my heart).   This photo is old (from 2014) but this is the only photo that I have with both the cats in it.  Winnie is on the left, and Pooh is on the right.  

It goes without saying, that between BeautyGram and Carrie's Closet, I bring in almost everything that I see with a cat on it, which gives fellow cat lovers lots to pick from and I made this basket with items that 


The Cat Lady Gift Basket in all its glory is $75 and includes the following items:




  • Your choice of style of a cat tshirt in small, medium or large
  • Cat Licorice lip fable
  • a cat ring (one size - size 7)
  • One Zoya Nail polish (your choice of color)
  • One Herbal Tea
  • On Signature Treat
  • Your choice of cat ruffle anklet socks.
  • If you are looking for a smaller cat lady package (i.e. wish to remove any of the components to customize this package for the receiver) shoot me a quick email at info@beautygram.com and I can do a custom box for you with the components that you would prefer, until I get these loaded into the Build A BeautyGram section.



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